Man pages for lsa
Latent Semantic Analysis

alnumxRegular expression for removal of non-alphanumeric characters...
associateFind close terms in a textmatrix
as.textmatrixDisplay a latent semantic space generated by Latent Semantic...
corporaCorpora (Essay Scoring)
cosineCosine Measure (Matrices)
dimcalcDimensionality Calculation Routines (LSA)
foldinEx-post folding-in of textmatrices into an existing latent...
lsaCreate a vector space with Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)
print.textmatrixPrint a textmatrix (Matrices)
queryQuery (Matrices)
sample.textmatrixCreate a random sample of files
specialcharsList of special character html entities and their character...
stopwordsStopwordlists in German, English, Dutch, French, Polish, and...
summary.textmatrixSummary of a textmatrix (Matrices)
textmatrixTextmatrix (Matrices)
triplesBind Triples to a Textmatrix
weightingsWeighting Schemes (Matrices)
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