Man pages for lsbclust
Least-Squares Bilinear Clustering for Three-Way Data

akmeansK-Means Over One Way of An Three-Way Array
bicompBilinear Decomposition of a Matrix
carrayDouble-Centre a Three-way Array
cfsimCompare Simulation Results
cfsim.akmeansCompare LSBCLUST Simulation Results
cfsim.lsbclustCompare LSBCLUST Simulation Results
cfsim.T3ClusfCompare LSBCLUST Simulation Results
ClustMeansC++ Function for Cluster Means
cmatCentring Matrix
dcarsDutch Cars Data
fitted.akmeansExtract Fitted Values for akmeans
fitted.lsbclustExtract Fitted Values for LSBCLUST
fitted.T3ClusfExtract Fitted Values for T3Clusf
genprocGeneralized Procrustes Rotation
indarrCreate Array of Indicator Matrices
int.lsbclustInteraction Clustering in Least Squares Bilinear Clustering
KMeansWC++ Function for Weighted K-Means
LossMatC++ Function for Interaction Loss Function
lovList-of-values Data Set
lsbclustLeast-squares Bilinear Clustering of Three-way Data
lsbclust-packageLeast Squares Latent Class Matrix Factorization
lsbclusttoclueS3 export
meanbiplotBiplots of
meanheatmapPlot Heatmap of A Matrix
orc.lsbclustK-means on the Overall Mean, Row Margins or Column Margins
plot.bicompPlot a 'bicomp' Object
plot.col.kmeansPlot method for class 'col.kmeans' Method for Class 'int.lsbclust'
plot.lsbclustPlot method for class 'lsbclust'
plot.ovl.kmeansPlot method for class 'ovl.kmeans'
plot.row.kmeansPlot method for class 'row.kmeans'
plot.step.lsbclustPlot method for class 'step.lsbclust'
plot.T3ClusfPlot Method for Class 'T3Clusf'
print.lsbclustPrint method for object of class 'lsbclust'
rlsbclustSimulate from LSBCLUST Model
rorthGenerate A Random Orthonormal Matrix
sim_lsbclustSimulate and Analyze LSBCLUST
simsvRandomly Generate Positive Singular Values
step.lsbclustModel Search for lsbclust Method for Class "int.lsbclust"
summary.lsbclustSummary Method for Class "lsbclust"
supermarketsDutch Supermarkets Data Set
T3ClusfT3Clusf: Tucker3 Fuzzy Cluster Analysis
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