Man pages for lulcc
Land Use Change Modelling in R

AgreementBudgetCreate an AgreementBudget object
AgreementBudget-classClass AgreementBudget
allocateAllocate land use change spatially
allowImplement decision rules for land use change
allowNeighbImplement neighbourhood decision rules
approxExtrapDemandExtrapolate land use area in time objects to data.frame
CategoryLabel-classVirtual class CategoryLabel
CluesModelCreate a CluesModel object
CluesModel-classClass CluesModel
compareAUCCalculate the area under the ROC curve (AUC)
c.PredictiveModelListMerge PredictiveModelList objects
crossTabulateCross tabulate land use transitions
ExpVarRasterListCreate an ExpVarRasterList object
ExpVarRasterList-classClass ExpVarRasterList
extractIndexExtract by index
FigureOfMeritCreate a FigureOfMerit object
FigureOfMerit-classClass FigureOfMerit
getPredictiveModelInputDataExtract data to fit predictive models
lulcc-packagelulcc: land use change modelling in R
Model-classVirtual class Model
Model-fittingFit predictive models
NeighbRasterStackCreate a NeighbRasterStack object
NeighbRasterStack-classClass NeighbRasterStack
ObsLulcRasterStackCreate an ObsLulcRasterStack object
ObsLulcRasterStack-classClass ObsLulcRasterStack
OrderedModelCreate an OrderedModel object
OrderedModel-classClass OrderedModel
partitionPartition raster data
PerformanceListCreate a PerformanceList object
PerformanceList-classClass PerformanceList
performance.rocrCreate ROCR performance objects
pieLand use change dataset for Plum Island Ecosystem
plotPlot method for objects based on Raster* data
plot.AgreementBudgetPlot method for AgreementBudget objects
plot.FigureOfMeritPlot method for FigureOfMerit objects
plot.PerformanceListPlot method for PerformanceList objects
predictPredict location suitability
PredictionListCreate a PredictionList object
PredictionList-classClass PredictionList
PredictiveModelList-classClass PredictiveModelList
resampleResample maps in ExpVarRasterList object or list
roundSumRound elements in matrix or data.frame rows
sibuyanLand use change dataset for Sibuyan Island
ThreeMapComparisonEvaluate allocation performance with three maps
ThreeMapComparison-classClass ThreeMapComparison
totalTotal number of cells in a categorical Raster* object
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