Man pages for lvmisc
Veras Miscellaneous

abort_argumentAbort based on issues with function argument
abort_column_not_foundAbort based on column not being found in a data frame
abort_no_method_for_classAbort method if class is not implemented
abort_package_not_installedAbort if required package is not installed
accuracyModel accuracy
accuracy_means_paramsParams for the accuracy indices summary functions
accuracy_paramsParams for the accuracy indices functions
bmiCompute body mass index (BMI)
bmi_catClassify body mass index (BMI) category
center_variableCenter variable
check_packageChecks whether a package is installed
clClear the console
clean_observationsClean observations
compare_accuracyCompare models accuracy
create_projCreate a project
divide_by_quantileDivide variable based on quantiles
error_absAbsolute error
error_abs_pctAbsolute percent error
error_pctPercent error
error_sqrSquared error
is_outlierCheck whether value is outlier
loaLimits of agreement
loo_cvLeave-one-out cross-validation
ltLast error
luniqueNumber of elements in a vector.
lvmisc-vctrsInternal vctrs methods
mean_errorMean error
mean_error_absMean absolute error
mean_error_abs_pctMean absolute percent error
mean_error_pctMean percent error
mean_error_sqrMean square error
mean_error_sqr_rootRoot mean square error
new_lvmisc_accuracyConstructor for lvmisc_accuracy object
new_lvmisc_cvConstructor for lvmisc_cv object
notinValue matching
paPrint all rows of a data frame or tibble
percent'percent' vector
percent_changeComputes the percent change
plot_bland_altmanCreate a Bland-Altman plot
plot_modelPlot model diagnostics
plotsQuick plotting
r2Compute R squared
repeat_baseline_valuesRepeat baseline levels
tbCapture a backtrace
vifVariance inflation factor
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