Man pages for lwgeom
Bindings to Selected 'liblwgeom' Functions for Simple Features

bounding_circleGenerate the minimum bounding circle
lw_geodeticliblwgeom geodetic functions
lwgeom_extSoftVersionProvide the external dependencies versions of the libraries...
st_as_sfc.TWKBcreate sfc object from tiny well-known binary (twkb)
st_geod_azimuthcompute azimuth between sequence of points
st_geohashcompute geohash from (average) coordinates (requires lwgeom)
st_snap_to_gridSnap geometries to a grid
st_splitReturn a collection of geometries resulting by splitting a...
st_subdivideReturn a collection of geometries resulting by subdividing a...
st_transform_projTransform or convert coordinates of simple features directly...
validMake an invalid geometry valid
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