Man pages for m2r
Interface to 'Macaulay2'

enter_m2Enter a Macaulay2 session
factor_nFactor an integer into primes
factor_polyFactor a polynomial
gbCompute a Grobner basis with Macaulay2
idealCreate a new ideal in Macaulay2
isMacaulay2 object tests
LLLLLL algorithm
m2_callCall and reset a Macaulay2 process
m2_matrixCreate a new matrix in Macaulay2
m2_parserConvert a M2 object into an R object
m2_pathSet path to Macaulay2 (M2)
m2rMacaulay2 in R
m2_utilityUtility tools for M2
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ringCreate a new ring in Macaulay2
snfSmith normal form
str_m2Give the structure of a Macaulay2 ring
use_ringSet Macaulay2 ring
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