Man pages for maRketSim
Market simulator for R

aaFunctions to return the proportion of the portfolio in each... a data-frame summary of object.
cashflowFunctions to return cash-flows from bonds and portfolio...
countFunction to return the number of objects of different types...
createMarketObjsCreate fundamental market objects
current.marketFind current market object
current.portfolio.bondGet at time t
durationReturn the duration of a bond-type object
findDurFind duration/maturity given interest rate and...
findPVFind present/future value given simple inputs
fundCreate fund object
genHistory.marketGenerate a by applying a quoted function to...
genPortfolio.bondGenerate a portfolio of bond objects according to high-level...
history.accounthistory.account objects contain accounts over time
history.marketCreates a object
marketCreate a market object
market.rateReturn a market rate for a given maturity
maRketSim-packagemaRketSim market simulator for R
plottingmaRketSim plotting functions
print.marketDisplay characteristics of maRketSim object on console
pvReturn the present/future value of an object under a given...
rebalanceFunctions to rebalance accounts. Called by summary.account
rebal.function.defaultExample rebal.function for use by rebalance()
summary.bondEvaluate maRketSim object under new market conditions
summary.vasicek.discreteSummarize a Vasicek model
TimeFunctions to return time parameters of various maRketSim...
vasicek.discreteVasicek yield model in discrete time
VFITX_divVanguard Intermediate Treasury Data, as downloaded from Yahoo
VFITX_pricesVanguard Intermediate Treasury Data, as downloaded from Yahoo
yield_curveFunctions relating to making yield curves
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