machina: Machina Time Series Generation and Backtesting

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Machina is an engine that allows for quick delivery of time series data, such as stock pricing info, fundamental data, and more, along with a smart backtester.

Getting Connected

To get connected to Machina engine, use this syntax:

myDemo <-startSession("userName", "pwd")

startSession: opens a session enabling you to create new strategys, or modify existing ones. "userName" and "pwd" are your username and password for Machina. They must be wrapped in quotes(").

Open a strategy

A strategy contains an algo or groups of algos, that you are building into an integrated strategy.


openstrategy: specifies the name of an existing strategy, or creates a new one if the strategy name used is either blank or not found. In this example, the strategy "myFirststrategy" is either opened, or a new one with that name is created.

Add an algo row

Adding an algo to your strategy is as simple as using addRow with your query.

addRow("spy | savg(10)")

addRow: This adds a row to your strategy. In quotes use Machina query language. Learn more about Machina query language at

Get more help

Visit our quick-start guide and more documentation at Don't see what you are looking for? Post your questions by clicking the 'Ask a Question' button.



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