Man pages for macs
Recursive Partitioning Based Multivariate Adaptive Regression Models, Classification Trees, Survival Trees

forecast.ctreePredict method for RTREE Model Fits
forecast.masalPredict method for MASAL Model Fits
forecast.streePredict method for STREE Model Fits
kmgraphKaplan-Meier curves plot
masalRecursive partitioning based masal
nonmolarNon-molar tooth loss dataset.
otherother functions
plot.ctreePlot function for a ctree object
plot.streePlot function for a stree object
rtreeTree-based analysis of rare variants to analyze genomic data.
streeRecursive partitioning based survival tree
tarvRecursive partitioning based classification trees for risk...
wagesWages of male dropouts from high school.
yeastYeast sequences which were classified into 10 classes
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