Man pages for mada
Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy

AUCArea under the curve (AUC)
CIrhoConfidence intervals for Spearman's rho.
cochran.QCochran's Q statistic
crosshairCrosshair plot
forestForest plot for univariate measures
madadDescriptive statistics for meta-analysis of diagnostic...
mada-dataDiagnostic accuracy data
mada-packageMeta-Analysis of diagnostic accuracy studies mada
madauniMeta-Analyisis of univariate measures of diagnostic accuracy
madauni-classMethods for the class 'madauni'.
mslSROCPlot the Moses-Shapiro-Littenberg SROC curve
phmDiagnostic Meta-Analysis with the proportional hazards model...
phm-classMethods for 'phm' objects.
reitsmaFit the bivariate model of Reitsma et al. (2005) and...
reitsma-classMethods for 'reitsma' objects.
ROCellipseConfidence Regions on ROC space
rsSROCPlot the Ruecker-Schumacher (2010) SROC curve
sensSensitivity, Specificity and False Positive Rate
SummaryPtsUse the Zwindermann & Bossuyt (2008) MCMC procedure to...
talphaThe t_alpha transformation as a link function for binary...
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