magclass: Data Class and Tools for Handling Spatial-Temporal Data

Data class for increased interoperability working with spatial-temporal data together with corresponding functions and methods (conversions, basic calculations and basic data manipulation). The class distinguishes between spatial, temporal and other dimensions to facilitate the development and interoperability of tools build for it. Additional features are name-based addressing of data and internal consistency checks (e.g. checking for the right data order in calculations).

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AuthorJan Philipp Dietrich, Benjamin Bodirsky, Misko Stevanovic, Lavinia Baumstark, Christoph Bertram, Markus Bonsch, Anastasis Giannousakis, Florian Humpenoeder, David Klein, Ina Neher, Michaja Pehl, Anselm Schultes
Date of publication2016-07-21 19:20:31
MaintainerJan Philipp Dietrich <>
LicenseLGPL-3 | file LICENSE

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Man pages

add_columns: add_columns

add_dimension: add_dimension

as.array-methods: ~~ Methods for Function as.array ~~

as.dataframe-methods: ~~ Methods for Function ~~

clean_magpie: MAgPIE-Clean

collapseNames: Collapse dataset names

colSums-methods: ~~ Methods for Function colSums and colMeans ~~

complete_magpie: complete_magpie Converts a report from one model to another

copy.attributes: Copy Attributes

copy.magpie: Copy MAgPIE-files

dimCode: dimCode

dimSums: Summation over dimensions

escapeRegex: .escapeRegex

fulldim: Reconstructs full dimensionality of MAgPIE objects

getCells: Get Cells

getComment: getComment

getCPR: Get cells per region

getDim: getDim

getNames: Get dataset names

getRegionList: Get a list of celluare region-belongings

getRegions: Get regions

getSets: Get sets

getYears: Get years

head-methods: head/tail

is.temporal: is.temporal, is.spatial

isYear: isYear

lowpass: Lowpass Filter

magclass-package: MAgPIE Class Functions

magpie-class: Class "magpie" ~~~

magpieComp: magpieComp

magpie_expand: magpie_expand

magpiesort: MAgPIE-Sort

make.ISOyear: Create lookup-table for efficient conversion of years to...

mbind: mbind

mcalc: mcalc

mselect: MSelect

ncells: Count elements

old_dim_convention: old_dim_convention

place_x_in_y: place_x_in_y

print-methods: print

quitte-class: Class "quitte" ~~~

read.magpie: Read MAgPIE-object from file Read file in report format

remind2magpie: Remind2MAgPIE

round-methods: Round-method for MAgPIE objects

rowSums-methods: ~~ Methods for Function rowSums and rowMeans ~~

unwrap: Unwrap

wrap: Wrap

write.magpie: Write MAgPIE-object to file Write file in report format

write.reportProject: Write file in specific project format


add_columns Man page
add_dimension Man page
as.array,ANY-method Man page
as.array,magpie-method Man page
as.array-methods Man page Man page,ANY-method Man page,magpie-method Man page Man page
as.magpie Man page
as.magpie,array-method Man page
as.magpie,data.frame-method Man page
as.magpie,lpj-method Man page
as.magpie,magpie-method Man page
as.magpie-methods Man page
as.magpie,NULL-method Man page
as.magpie,numeric-method Man page
as.magpie,quitte-method Man page
as.quitte Man page
as.quitte,data.frame-method Man page
as.quitte,magpie-method Man page
as.quitte-methods Man page
as.quitte,quitte-method Man page
clean_magpie Man page
collapseNames Man page
colMeans,ANY-method Man page
colMeans,magpie-method Man page
colMeans-methods Man page
colSums,ANY-method Man page
colSums,magpie-method Man page
colSums-methods Man page
complete_magpie Man page Man page
copy.attributes Man page
copy.attributes<- Man page
copy.magpie Man page
dimCode Man page
dimSums Man page
.escapeRegex Man page
fulldim Man page
getCells Man page
getCells<- Man page
getComment Man page
getComment<- Man page
getCPR Man page
.getDim Man page
getNames Man page
getNames<- Man page
getRegionList Man page
getRegionList<- Man page
getRegions Man page
getRegions<- Man page
getSets Man page
getSets<- Man page
getYears Man page
getYears<- Man page
head.magpie Man page
is.magpie Man page
is.quitte Man page
is.spatial Man page
is.temporal Man page
isYear Man page
lowpass Man page
magclass Man page
magclass-package Man page
[<-,magpie,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,magpie,ANY,ANY-method Man page
magpie-class Man page
magpieComp Man page
magpie_expand Man page
[<-,magpie-method Man page
[,magpie-method Man page
magpiesort Man page
make.ISOyear Man page
mbind Man page
mbind2 Man page
mcalc Man page
mcalc<- Man page
mselect Man page
mselect<- Man page
ncells Man page
ndata Man page
nregions Man page
nyears Man page
old_dim_convention Man page
Ops,magpie,magpie-method Man page
place_x_in_y Man page
print.magpie Man page
quitte-class Man page
read.magpie Man page Man page
remind2magpie Man page
round,magpie-method Man page
round-methods Man page
rowMeans,ANY-method Man page
rowMeans,magpie-method Man page
rowMeans-methods Man page
rowSums,ANY-method Man page
rowSums,magpie-method Man page
rowSums-methods Man page
setCells Man page
setComment Man page
setNames Man page
setNames,magpie-method Man page
setNames,NULL-method Man page
setYears Man page
tail.magpie Man page
unwrap Man page
wrap Man page
write.magpie Man page Man page
write.reportProject Man page


R/getDim.R R/as.magpie.R R/rowMeans-method.R R/add_columns.R R/copy.attributes.R R/nregions.R R/magpieResolution.R R/ncells.R R/ndata.R R/copy.magpie.R R/make.ISOyear.R R/getComment.R R/onLoad.R R/write.magpie.R R/as.array.R R/mcalc.R R/collapseNames.R R/isYear.R R/colMeans-method.R R/getCells.R R/is.spatial.R R/nyears.R R/getNames.R
R/pmin-method.R R/ R/lowpass.R R/remind2magpie.R R/old_dim_convention.R R/getRegionList.R R/ R/mselect.R R/magpie-class.R R/setComment.R R/read.magpie.R R/write.reportProject.R R/lin.convergence.R R/fulldim.R R/duplicates_check.R R/head.magpie.R R/wrap.R R/calibrate_it.R R/clean_magpie.R R/place_x_in_y.R R/new.magpie.R R/magpiesort.R R/round-method.R R/is.temporal.R R/time_interpolate.R R/getYears.R R/tail.magpie.R R/mbind.R R/ R/setCells.R R/is.quitte.R R/getCPR.R R/complete_magpie.R R/print.magpie.R R/unwrap.R R/dimCode.R R/is.magpie.R R/magpie_expand.R R/magpieComp.R R/convergence.R R/escapeRegex.R R/as.quitte.R R/add_dimension.R R/colSums-method.R R/tidy2magpie.R R/setYears.R R/ops-method.R R/getRegions.R R/ R/mbind2.R R/rowSums-method.R R/dimSums.R R/getSets.R R/setNames_method.R
man/read.magpie.Rd man/copy.magpie.Rd man/dimSums.Rd man/getSets.Rd man/ man/getCPR.Rd man/magpie_expand.Rd man/magpie-class.Rd man/quitte-class.Rd man/getNames.Rd man/getDim.Rd
man/add_dimension.Rd man/magpiesort.Rd man/isYear.Rd man/make.ISOyear.Rd man/getYears.Rd man/fulldim.Rd man/magpieComp.Rd man/round-methods.Rd man/getCells.Rd man/add_columns.Rd
man/lowpass.Rd man/escapeRegex.Rd man/mcalc.Rd
man/colSums-methods.Rd man/as.array-methods.Rd man/mselect.Rd man/print-methods.Rd man/rowSums-methods.Rd man/unwrap.Rd man/wrap.Rd man/dimCode.Rd man/complete_magpie.Rd man/ man/magclass-package.Rd man/head-methods.Rd man/as.dataframe-methods.Rd man/clean_magpie.Rd man/ man/getRegions.Rd man/old_dim_convention.Rd man/write.reportProject.Rd man/getComment.Rd man/copy.attributes.Rd
man/ncells.Rd man/place_x_in_y.Rd man/remind2magpie.Rd man/collapseNames.Rd man/write.magpie.Rd

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