Man pages for makeParallel
Transform Serial R Code into Parallel R Code

DependGraph-classDependency graph between expressions
fileGet File containing code
fileSetterSet File for generated code object
forLoopToLapplyTransfrom For Loop To Lapply
generateGenerate Code From A Schedule
GeneratedCode-classGenerated code ready to write
inferGraphInfer Task Dependency Graph
makeParallelMake Parallel Code From Serial
mapScheduleData Parallel Scheduler
MapSchedule-classData parallel schedule
MeasuredDependGraph-classGraph where each expression has been executed, timed, and the...
plot-TaskSchedule-missing-methodGantt chart of a schedule
runMeasureRun and Measure Code
scheduleSchedule Dependency Graph
Schedule-classSchedule base class
scheduleTaskListMinimize Expression Start Time
SerialSchedule-classSchedule that contains no parallelism at all
TaskSchedule-classTask Parallel Schedule
use_defUse Definition Chain
writeCodeWrite Generated Code
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