Man pages for mangoTraining
Mango Solutions Training Datasets

auto_mpgAuto MPG Data Set
bbc_articlesBBC articles data
bbc_articles_fullFull BBC Articles data
bbc_business_123BBC Business article data
bbc_politics_123BBC Politics article data
body_imageBody image dataset
book_sectionsGutenberg Project books dataset
bostonBoston housing dataset
breast_cancerWisconsin Diagnostic Breast Cancer (WDBC)
breast_cancer_clean_featuresWisconsin Breast Cancer Database
breast_cancer_clean_targetWisconsin Breast Cancer Database
carriersCarrier data
commuteR For Data Science tidytuesday commute dataset
demo_dataDemographics data
dow_jones_dataDow Jones Index Data
drugsRepeated Measures Drug data
emax_dataData that can be used to fit or plot Emax models
emax_funFunction to calculate Emax
logistic_funFunction to fit logistic model
mangoTraining-packageMango Solutions Training Datasets
messy_dataMessy clinical trial data
missing_pkClinical trial data
pk_dataTypical PK data
policy_dataInsurance Policy Data
qtpk2Typical PK data
run_dataAn example of NONMEM run data
studentsStudents simulated data
tube_dataLondon Tube Performace data
x_irisIris predictors data for Species classification
xp_dataTypical NONMEM data
y_irisIris class data for Species classification
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