Man pages for manymodelr
Build and Tune Several Models

add_model_predictionsAdd predictions to the data set. A dplyr compatible way to...
add_model_residualsAdd model residuals
agg_by_groupA convenient way to perform grouped operations
drop_non_numericDrops non numeric columns from a data.frame object
extract_model_infoExtract important model attributes
fit_modelFit and predict in a single function.
fit_modelsFit several models with different response variables
get_data_StatsA pipe friendly way to get summary stats for exploratory data...
get_exponentGet the exponent of any number or numbers
get_modeA convenience function that returns the mode
get_thisHelper function to easily access elements
get_var_corrGet correlations between variables
get_var_corr_Get correlations for combinations
multi_model_1Simultaneously train and predict on new data.
multi_model_2Fit and predict in one function
na_replaceReplace missing values
na_replace_groupedReplace NAs by group
plot_corrPlot a correlations matrix
rowdiffGet row differences between values
select_colA convenient selector gadget
select_percentileGet the row corresponding to a given percentile
yieldsPlant yields
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