Man pages for mapmisc
Utilities for Producing Maps

col2htmlConvert colours to HTML hex
colourScaleCreate colour scales
crsMercSpherical Mercator projection
geocodeGeoreferencing with Google
geonamesRetrieve city names and locations
gridlinesWrapAdds long-lat grid for projected data
legendBreaksLegends for colour scale
legendTableTable for colour scales
mapmiscCacheSet a persistent cache
map.newStart a new map
modisMODIS tiles and projection
netherlandsData from the Netherlands
omercOblique Mercator, Cylindrical, and Mollweide projections
openmapDownload map tiles
scaleBarScale bar and inset map
tonerToTransConvert RGB maps to semi-transparent
tpeqdTwo point equidistant and tilted perspective projections
wrapPolyReproject polygons with wrapping
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