Man pages for mapping
Automatic Download, Linking, Manipulating Coordinates for Maps

checkNamesEUCheck European names
checkNamesITCheck Italian names
checkNamesUSCheck USA names
checkNamesWRCheck World country names
EUObject of class 'EU'
getNamesEUEuropean names
getNamesITItalian names
getNamesUSUSA names
getNamesWRWorld countries names
ITObject of class 'IT'
loadCoordEUGet European coordinates
loadCoordITGet Italian coordinates
loadCoordUSGet USA coordinates
loadCoordWRGet worldwide countries coordinates
mapPaletteColor palette
mappingStatic maps
mappingEUStatic maps for Europe
mappingITStatic maps for Italy
mapping.optionsDefault values for 'mapping' functions
mapping-packageWorldwide, European, USA, and Italian static and interactive...
mappingUSStatic maps for USA
mappingWRStatic maps for World countries
namesStatistical Unit Names
popEUEuropean population
popITItalian Population
popUSUSA population
popWRWorld population
saveObjSave mapping obj
tax_wedge_ocdeOCDE tax wedge
USObject of class 'US'
usa_electionUsa Election
WRObject of class 'WR'
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