mapr-package: Visualize species occurrence data

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Visualize species occurrence data

Many inputs

All functions take the following kinds of inputs:

  • An object of class occdat, from the package spocc. An object of this class is composed of many objects of class occdatind

  • An object of class occdatind, from the package spocc

  • An object of class gbif, from the package rgbif

  • An object of class data.frame. This data.frame can have any columns, but must include a column for taxonomic names (e.g., name), and for latitude and longitude (we guess your lat/long columns, starting with the default latitude and longitude)

  • An object of class SpatialPoints

  • An object of class SpatialPointsDatFrame

Package API

  • map_plot() - static Base R plots

  • map_ggplot() - static ggplot2 plots

  • map_ggmap() - static ggplot2 plots with map layers

  • map_leaflet() - interactive Leaflet.js interactive maps

  • map_gist() - ineractive, shareable maps on GitHub Gists


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