Man pages for maptree
Mapping, pruning, and graphing tree models

clip.clustPrunes a Hierarchical Cluster Tree
clip.rpartPrunes an Rpart Classification or Regression Tree
draw.clustGraph a Hierarchical Cluster Tree
draw.treeGraph a Classification or Regression Tree
group.clustObservation Groups for a Hierarchical Cluster Tree
group.treeObservation Groups for Classification or Regression Tree
kgsKGS Measure for Pruning Hierarchical Clusters
map.groupsMap Groups of Observations
map.keyDraw Key to accompany Map of Groups
ngonOutline or Fill a Regular Polygon
oregon.bird.distPresence/Absence of Bird Species in Oregon, USA
oregon.bird.namesNames of Bird Species in Oregon, USA
oregon.borderBoundary of Oregon, USA
oregon.env.varsEnvironmental Variables for Oregon, USA
oregon.gridHexagonal Grid Cell Polygons covering Oregon, USA agnes or diana object to hclust object
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