march: Markov Chains

Computation of various Markovian models for categorical data including homogeneous Markov chains of any order, MTD models, Hidden Markov models, and Double Chain Markov Models.

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AuthorOgier Maitre, with contributions from Andre Berchtold and Oliver Buschor
Date of publication2016-05-12 14:47:36
MaintainerAndre Berchtold <>

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Man pages

march: Computation of Markovian models for categorical data

march.AIC: Compute Akaike Information Criterion (AIC). The AIC (Akaike...

march.BIC: Compute Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC).

march.Dataset-class: Dataset for march package.

march.dataset.h.extractSequence: Extract a sequence from a dataset.

march.dataset.loadFromDataFrame: Construct a dataset from a data.frame or a matrix.

march.dataset.loadFromFile: Load a dataset from a file.

march.Dcmm-class: A Double Chain Markov Model (DCMM).

march.dcmm.construct: Construct a double chain Markov model (DCMM).

march.dcmm.viterbi: Viterbi algorithm for a DCMM model.

march.Indep-class: An independence model.

march.indep.construct: Construct an independence model (zero-order Markov chain).

march.Mc-class: A Markov chain of order >= 1. Construct an homogeneous Markov Chain.

march.Model-class: A basic and virtual march model.

march.Mtd-class: A Mixture Transition Distribution (MTD) model.

march.mtd.construct: Construct a Mixture Transition Distribution (MTD) model. march.Model name. This method is called with the object "march.Dcmm" and... This method is called with the object "march.Indep" and... This method is called with the object "march.MC" and provides... This method is called with the object "march.Mtd" and... Load a march.Model.

march.summary: march.Model Summary.

march.thompson: Thompson Confidence Intervals for a march.Model.

march.thompson-march.Dcmm-numeric-method: This method is called with the object "march.Dcmm" and the...

march.thompson-march.Indep-numeric-method: This method is called with the object "march.Indep" and the...

march.thompson-march.Mc-numeric-method: This method is called with the object "march.Mc" and the...

march.thompson-march.Mtd-numeric-method: This method is called with the object "march.Mtd" and the...

march.write: Save a march.Model

pewee: Song of the Wood Pewee (march dataset format)

pewee_df: Song of the Wood Pewee (data frame format)

pewee_t: Song of the Wood Pewee (text format)

sleep: Sleep disorders (march dataset format)

sleep_df: Sleep disorders (data frame format)


march Man page
march.AIC Man page
march.BIC Man page
march.Dataset-class Man page
march.dataset.h.extractSequence Man page
march.dataset.loadFromDataFrame Man page
march.dataset.loadFromFile Man page
march.Dcmm-class Man page
march.dcmm.construct Man page
march.dcmm.viterbi Man page
march.Indep-class Man page
march.indep.construct Man page
march.Mc-class Man page Man page
march.Model-class Man page
march.Mtd-class Man page
march.mtd.construct Man page Man page,march.Dcmm-method Man page,march.Indep-method Man page,march.Mc-method Man page,march.Mtd-method Man page Man page
march.summary Man page
march.thompson Man page
march.thompson,march.Dcmm,numeric-method Man page
march.thompson,march.Indep,numeric-method Man page
march.thompson,march.Mc,numeric-method Man page
march.thompson,march.Mtd,numeric-method Man page
march.write Man page
pewee Man page
pewee_df Man page
pewee_t Man page
sleep Man page
sleep_df Man page


tests/examples/march.dataset.loadFromDataFrame.example.R tests/examples/march.dcmm.viterbi.example.R tests/examples/march.BIC.example.R tests/examples/march.mtd.construct.example.R tests/examples/march.dcmm.construct.example.R tests/examples/ tests/examples/march.indep.construct.example.R tests/examples/march.AIC.example.R tests/examples/march.thompson.example.R tests/examples/
R/march.AllClasses.R R/march.dcmm.R R/ R/ R/march.ea.R R/ R/march.model.R R/march.dataset.R R/march.mtd.R R/march.dcmm.ea.R R/march.diagnostic.R R/march.AllGenerics.R R/march.indep.R
man/march.dataset.loadFromFile.Rd man/march.dataset.h.extractSequence.Rd man/march.AIC.Rd man/ man/march.dataset.loadFromDataFrame.Rd man/march.Dataset-class.Rd man/ man/pewee.Rd man/ man/march.summary.Rd man/march.Mc-class.Rd man/march.Model-class.Rd man/march.Mtd-class.Rd man/march.mtd.construct.Rd man/ man/ man/march.thompson.Rd man/march.dcmm.viterbi.Rd man/march.indep.construct.Rd man/pewee_t.Rd man/march.thompson-march.Mc-numeric-method.Rd man/march.thompson-march.Indep-numeric-method.Rd man/march.thompson-march.Mtd-numeric-method.Rd man/march.dcmm.construct.Rd man/march.Rd man/march.Dcmm-class.Rd man/pewee_df.Rd man/ man/sleep.Rd man/march.thompson-march.Dcmm-numeric-method.Rd man/march.Indep-class.Rd man/march.write.Rd man/sleep_df.Rd man/ man/march.BIC.Rd

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