Man pages for marcher
Migration and Range Change Estimation in R

estimate_shiftEstimating range shifts
fitNSDTest range shift using net-squared displacement
getAreaCompute area
getCovEstimation Helper Functions
getLikelihoodEstimate likelihoods and AICs
getMuObtain mean vector for a range shift process
getRSICompute Range Shift Index
getTauCompute time scale parameters
locate_shiftInteractive locating of range shifting
marcher-packageMigration and Range Change Analysis in R
MichelaMovement track of Michela, a roe deer
plot.shiftfitPlot results of an range-shift fit
quickfitQuick fit of one-step migration
selectModelSelect residual model
SimulatedTracksSimulated range shift tracks
simulate_shiftSimulate MOUF process
test_rangeshiftRange shift hypothesis tests
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