Man pages for marg
Approximate Marginal Inference for Regression-Scale Models

anova.rsmANOVA Table for a RSM Object
anova.rsmlistUse anova() on a "rsmlist" object
condApproximate Conditional Inference - Generic Function
cond.rsmApproximate Conditional Inference in Regression-Scale Models
darwinDarwin's Data on Growth Rates of Plants
family.rsmUse family() on a "rsm" object
family.rsm.objectFamily Object for Regression-Scale Models
housesHouse Price Data
HuberHuber's Least Favourable Distribution
logLik.rsmCompute the Log Likelihood for Regression-Scale Models for RSM Family Functions
marg.objectApproximate Marginal Inference Object
marg-packageApproximate marginal inference for regression-scale models
nuclearNuclear Power Station Data
plot.margGenerate Plots for an Approximate Marginal Inference Object print() on a "family.rsm" object
print.margUse print() on a "marg" object
print.rsmUse print() on a "rsm" object
print.summary.margUse print() on a "summary.marg" object
print.summary.rsmUse print() on a "summary.rsm" object
residuals.rsmCompute Residuals for Regression-Scale Models
rsmFit a Regression-Scale Model
rsm.diagDiagnostics for Regression-Scale Models
rsm.diag.plotsDiagnostic Plots for Regression-Scale Models
rsm.dispersionSupport for Functions and rsm.surv
rsm.distributionsRSM Family Support Object
rsm.familiesGenerate a RSM Family Object
rsm.fitFit a Regression-Scale Model Without Computing the Model...
rsm.nullFit an Empty Regression-Scale Model
rsm.objectRegression-Scale Model Object
rsm.survFit a Regression-Scale Model Without Computing the Model...
summary.margSummary Method for Objects of Class "marg"
summary.rsmSummary Method for Regression-Scale Models
update.rsmUpdate and Re-fit a RSM Model Call
vcov.rsmCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted RSM Model
veniceSea Level Data
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