Man pages for marindicators
Marine Ecosystem and Fishing Pressure Indicators

allBiodiversityCalculates all Biodiversity indicators
allPotentialCalculates all Resource Potential indicators
allPressureCalculates all Pressure indicators
allStabilityCalculates all Stability and Resistance indicators
allStructureCalculates all Structure and Functioning indicators
biomassPerTLCalculates the biomass per discrete trophic level
biomassRatioCalculates the biomass ratio between two species groups
communityConditionCalculates Fulton's Condition Index for the community
CVBiomassCalculates the Coefficient of Variation of the Biomass
example_indsIndicators calculated from the example data included in the...
extractAllCalculates indicators from all attributes
fishingInBalanceCalculates the Fishing-in-Balance Index
fishingPressureCalculates Fishing Pressure
heipsCalculates Heip's Evenness Index
hillN1Calculates Hill's Index of Diversity (N1)
hillN2Calculates Hill's Species Dominance (N2)
IVILandingsCalculates the Intrinsic Vulnerability Index of commercial...
kemptonQCalculates Kempton's Biodiversity Index
landExample commercial landings data
landingsCalculates the Landings per fished group
largeFishIndicatorCalculates the Large Fish Indicator
largeSpeciesIndicatorCalculates the Large Species Indicator
Length_WeightExample length-weight data
margalefCalculates Margalef's Species Richness
marindicators-packageCalculates Marine Ecosystem and Fishing Pressure Indicators
meanLengthCommunityCalculates the Mean Length of the Community weighted by...
meanMaxAgeCalculates the Mean Maximum Age of fish in the community
meanMaxLengthCalculates the Mean Maximum Length of fish in the community
meanTLCommunityCalculates the Mean Trophic Level of the community
meanTLLandingsCalculates the Mean Trophic Level or Marine Trophic Index of...
pielouEvennessCalculates Pielou's Species Evenness
resourcePotentialCalculates the Resource Potential of species groups
shannonCalculates Shannon's Index of Diversity
species.infoSpecies information
speciesRichnessCalculates Species Richness of the community or the Diversity...
species.tableExample input for argument species.table
XExample fishery independent survey data
X_lengthExample length-based fishery independent survey data
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