Man pages for markmyassignment
Automatic Marking of R Assignments

assert_assignment_configAssert a 'assignment_config' object.
assignment_configConstructor for 'assignment_config' object
assignment_paths_and_filesGet assignment paths and files
check_installed_packagesCheck whether required packages are installed and loaded.
cheerCheer when all tasks pass
construct_assignment_descriptionConstruct assignment description
create_github_download_urlCreate a github_download_url from a path_github object.
delete_circular_callsChecks and deletes circular calls
directoriesFunctions to create directories
download_assignmentDownload assignment and store in temporary folder
expect_attached_packageExpect that a given package is used
expect_function_argumentsExpect function arguments
expect_function_codeExpect function contain code
expect_function_self_containedExpect that the tested function is self-contained
expect_no_attached_forbidden_packageExpect that a forbidden package is not used/attached
expect_no_forbidden_function_codeExpect no forbidden function code
expect_packageDepricated function: expect_package
expect_self_containedDepricated function: expect_self_contained
forbidden_functionsForbidden functions for 'mark_my_file()'
get_assignment_full_subpathGet the full path from assignment paths
get_fileGet the file from the path
get_github_path_infoGet github information from a github path
is_github_pathCheck if a path is from github
markmyassignmentAutomatic Marking of R Assignments
mark_my_assignmentMark assignment in global environment
mark_my_dirMark assignments in a directory
mark_my_fileMark assignment file
path_typeGet the path type.
read_assignment_ymlRead assignment information
run_test_suiteRun test suite
set_assignmentSet and remove assignments
show_tasksGet the name of the tasks in the assignment.
temp_folder_check_createCheck and create folder if missing.
translate_tasks_name_to_task_filesGet task file name from task names
write_assignment_ymlRead assignment information
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