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Mass Measurement Corrections

airDensityModels for calculating air density based on environmental...
airDensityHASLAir density estimation using only height above sea level.
Box.E2.MS.KitCalibration data of a weights kit in the interval 1 mg to 1...
calibCertInformation of balance calibration certificate
convertMassUnitsSIConversion between mass units of The International System of...
convMassCorrects a balance reading using balance calibration data.
E2.MS.20gCalibration data of a E2 class mass standard of nominal mass...
MABCMagnitude of the Air Buoyancy Correction
masscor-package'masscor': Mass Measurement Corrections and Uncertainties.
massStandardCreates an object of class '"massStandard"'.
massStandardKitCreates an object of class '"massStandardKit"'.
minimalCertMinimal 'calibCert()' object
MT.XP.2002Calibration data for a balance Mettler Toledo XP 2002
MT.XPE.204Calibration data for a balance Mettler Toledo XPE 204
normalizedErrorCalculates normalized in balance verification using a mass...
plot.calibCertS3 method for plotting objects of class '"calibCert"'
print.calibCertS3 method for printing objects of class '"calibCert"'
print.massStandardS3 method for printing objects of class '"massStandard"'
print.massStandardKitS3 method for printing objects of class '"massStandardKit"'
uncertAirDensityUncertainties in air density calculations
uncertConvMassUncertainty in conventional mass value
uncertErrorCorrUncertainty due to mass correction using calibration...
uncertMABCUncertainty of the Magnitude of the Air Buoyancy Correction...
uncertReadingUncertainty of balance readings
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