Man pages for matchr
Pattern Matching and Enumerated Types in R

bangExtract Result or Return
EnumCreate Enumerated Type
enum_typeEnum Type
ErrCreate an 'Err' Result
fallthroughFall Through Match
grapes-fn-grapesCreate Function
grapes-.-grapesCompose Functions
into_optionConvert Object into Option
into_resultConvert Object into Result
is.enumIs Object an Enum
is.enum_typeCheck Enum Type
is.errCheck if Result is an Err
is.noneCheck if Option is None
is.okCheck if Result is Ok
is.someCheck if Option is Some
is.variantCheck Enum Variant
MatchMatch Value Against Multiple Values
match_condCheck and Evaluate Match Condition
MatchplyMatch Each Object in List or Vector
OkCreate an 'Ok' Result
SomeCreate an 'Some' Option
TryExecute Expression as Result
unwrapExtract the Value Contained in Enum
variantEnum Variant
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