matlab: MATLAB emulation package

Emulate MATLAB code using R

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorP. Roebuck
Date of publication2014-06-24 23:33:54
MaintainerP. Roebuck <>

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ceil Man page
cell Man page
colorbar Man page
eye Man page
factors Man page
fileparts Man page
filesep Man page
find Man page
fix Man page
fliplr Man page
fliplr,ANY-method Man page
fliplr,array-method Man page
fliplr,matrix-method Man page
fliplr,missing-method Man page
fliplr,vector-method Man page
flipud Man page
flipud,ANY-method Man page
flipud,array-method Man page
flipud,matrix-method Man page
flipud,missing-method Man page
flipud,vector-method Man page
fullfile Man page
hilb Man page
imagesc Man page
isempty Man page
isprime Man page
jet.colors Man page
linspace Man page
logspace Man page
magic Man page
matlab-package Man page
meshgrid Man page
mod Man page
multiline.plot.colors Man page
ndims Man page
nextpow2 Man page
numel Man page
ones Man page
padarray Man page
padarray,array,numeric,ANY,character-method Man page
padarray,array,numeric,character,character-method Man page
padarray,array,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
padarray,vector,numeric,ANY,ANY-method Man page
pascal Man page
pathsep Man page
pow2 Man page
primes Man page
rem Man page
repmat Man page
reshape Man page
rosser Man page
rot90 Man page
size Man page
size,array,integer-method Man page
size,array,missing-method Man page
size,array,numeric-method Man page
size,matrix,integer-method Man page
size,matrix,missing-method Man page
size,matrix,numeric-method Man page
size,missing,ANY-method Man page
size_t-class Man page
size,vector,missing-method Man page
size,vector,numeric-method Man page
std Man page
strcmp Man page
sum Man page
sum,ANY,ANY-method Man page
sum,array,logical-method Man page
sum,array,missing-method Man page
sum,matrix,logical-method Man page
sum,matrix,missing-method Man page
sum,missing,ANY-method Man page
sum,vector,logical-method Man page
sum,vector,missing-method Man page
tic Man page
toc Man page
vander Man page
zeros Man page


tests/zeros.R tests/hilb.R tests/padarray.R tests/pascal.R tests/nextpow2.R tests/repmat.R tests/ones.R tests/fileparts.R tests/size.R tests/pow2.R tests/mkconstarray.R tests/ndims.R tests/fullfile.R tests/primes.R tests/strcmp.R tests/isempty.R tests/jet.colors.R tests/magic.R tests/meshgrid.R tests/sum.R tests/isprime.R tests/vander.R tests/mod.R tests/cell.R tests/rot90.R tests/linspace.R tests/tictoc.R tests/reshape.R tests/rem.R tests/fliplr.R tests/ceil.R tests/std.R tests/fix.R tests/numel.R tests/factors.R tests/flipud.R tests/eye.R tests/find.R tests/logspace.R
R/zeros.R R/size_t-class.R R/hilb.R R/padarray.R R/pascal.R R/filesep.R R/nextpow2.R R/repmat.R R/ones.R R/fileparts.R R/size.R R/pow2.R R/mkconstarray.R R/ndims.R R/fullfile.R R/primes.R R/rosser.R R/strcmp.R R/multiline.plot.colors.R R/isempty.R R/jet.colors.R R/magic.R R/meshgrid.R R/sum.R R/isprime.R R/vander.R R/mod.R R/imagesc.R R/cell.R R/rot90.R R/linspace.R R/colorbar.R R/tictoc.R R/reshape.R R/rem.R R/fliplr.R R/pathsep.R R/ceil.R R/std.R R/fix.R R/numel.R R/factors.R R/flipud.R R/eye.R R/find.R R/zzz.R R/logspace.R
man/rosser.Rd man/hilb.Rd man/isempty.Rd man/reshape.Rd man/pow2.Rd man/repmat.Rd man/nextpow2.Rd man/magic.Rd man/primes.Rd man/ones.Rd man/fileparts.Rd man/ceil.Rd man/std.Rd man/rot90.Rd man/numel.Rd man/pascal.Rd man/tictoc.Rd man/multiline.plot.colors.Rd man/fix.Rd man/fullfile.Rd man/find.Rd man/fliplr.Rd man/factors.Rd man/filesep.Rd man/meshgrid.Rd man/size.Rd man/mod.Rd man/size_t-class.Rd man/colorbar.Rd man/imagesc.Rd man/cell.Rd man/vander.Rd man/linspace.Rd man/logspace.Rd man/jet.colors.Rd man/strcmp.Rd man/padarray.Rd man/matlab-package.Rd man/eye.Rd man/ndims.Rd man/sum.Rd man/isprime.Rd man/pathsep.Rd

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