Man pages for matricks
Useful Tricks for Matrix Manipulation

antidiagMatrix antidiagonals
atSet or get matrix value at index vector
bindingBind vector, single values and matrices
is_idx_possibleIs idx possible in given matrix?
mA shortcut to create matrix defining rows
matrix_idxGet available marix indices
neighbour_idxGet all indices in neighbourhood
neighbour_idx_matrixCreate matrix of lists, where each one contains list of...
operatorsBinary operations on matrices/vectors
plot_matrixPlot a matrix
rboolmCreate matrix of random choosen boolean values
repetitionsRepeat columns or rows
runifmCreate matrix of random values drawn from uniform...
runif_same_dimsCreate matrix of random values with dimensions copied from an...
seq_matrixReturn a sequence of pairs (value, index vector)
set_valuesSet multiple values useing one function call
vA shortcut to create a vertical vector
with_same_dimsCreate new matrix copying dimensions from the existing one
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