bradypus: Occurrence records and background data for the brown-throated...

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A dataset containing environmental data at 116 Bradypus variegatus occurrence points and 1000 background points in South and Central America. Occurrence data are from Anderson and Handley (2001); see Phillips et al. (2006) for descriptions of the predictor variables.




An object of class data.frame with 1116 rows and 15 columns.


Anderson, R. P. and Handley, Jr., C. O. (2001). A new species of three-toed sloth (Mammalia: Xenarthra) from Panama, with a review of the genus Bradypus. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 114, 1-33.

Phillips, S. J. et al. (2006). Maximum entropy modeling of species geographic distributions. Ecological Modelling 190, 231-259

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