Man pages for mbgraphic
Measure Based Graphic Selection

binningBinning of single variables or data frames
binningplotTwo-dimensional binningplot
datatypeDescription of the datatype of variables
dcor2dDistance correlation for pairs of variables
discrete1dMeasure for the degree of discreteness
Election2005Election2005 data
Election2013Election2013 data
groupsQuantifying the influence of a factor variable
groups_maxplotPlots the variables with highest values in groups
iacorrgramInteractive corrgrams
iascaggramInteractive scaggrams
iascagpcpInteractive parallel coordinate plots for exploring...
iaunivariateInteractive app for exploring univariate anomalies
mbgraphicMeasure Based Graphic Selection
mergesdfdataMerging two lists of class "sdfdata"
multimod1dMeasure of one-dimensional multimodality
outlier1dvOutlier measure based on tukey definition
outliertukOutlier classification
scag2sdfCalculating (user defined) scagnostics
scaggramVisualization of scagnostics results in matrix graphics
sdfCalculates measures from package 'scagnostics'.
sdf_quicksortFast reordering of a list of class "sdfdata"
sdf_sortReordering a list of class "sdfdata"
selectscatSelecting a scatterplot matrix based on scagnostics
skew1dMeasure for one-dimensional skewness
splines2dSpline-based dependency measure for pairs of variables
varclustClustering of numeric variables
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