Man pages for mcmcOutput
Functions to Store, Manipulate and Display Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Output

bigCrosscorrCross-correlations for MCMC output
data_mcmcListExampleAn object of class 'mcmc.list' produced by...
densityFoldedFolded kernel density estimation
diagPlotDiagnostic graphics for class 'mcmcOutput'
getXXXGet diagnostic statistics
mcmcOutputConversion to class 'mcmcOutput'
method_plotGraphic display of marginal posterior probability...
method_summaryPrint and summary methods for objects of class 'mcmcOutput'
method_windowSubsetting chains for 'mcmcOutput' objects
plot_crosscorrPlotPlot image of correlation matrix
plot_discrepancyPlotGraphic comparison of observed vs simulated discrepancies
postPriorOverlapOverlap between posterior and prior probability...
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