Man pages for mcmcabn
Flexible Implementation of a Structural MCMC Sampler for DAGs

abnCache_asiaCache of pre-computed scores related to the asia dataset
CoupledHeatedmcmcabnCoupled Heated Structural MCMC sampler for DAGs
dist-asiaThe 'asia' dataset
mcmcStructural MCMC sampler for DAGs
mcmcabn-packagemcmcabn Package
mcmc_asiaPrecomputed 'mcmcabn' objects.
plotFunction to plot mcmcabn class objects
printMethods for mcmcabn objects
print-summaryMethods for printing the summary of mcmcabn objects
queryFunction to query MCMC samples generated by mcmcabn
summaryFunction to summarize MCMC run generated by mcmcabn
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