Man pages for mcompanion
Objects and Methods for Multi-Companion Matrices

jordanUtilities for Jordan matrices
JordanDecompositionCreate objects representing Jordan decompositions
JordanDecompositionDefault-classA basic class for Jordan decompositions
make_mcevCreate a multi-companion eigenvector
make_mcmatrixGenerate a multi-companion matrix from spectral description
mc.0chain.completeExtend or shrink eigenchains of 0 eigenvalues
mc.0chain.dxExtend chains for the top
mc_0chainsGenerate eigenchains for zero eigenvalues
mc.0chain.structCompute structural Jordan chains for zero eigenvalues
mc.0chain.structfillAdd structural vectors to a 0eigenchain, internal function
mc_chain_extendExtend multi-companion eigenvectors
mc_chain_scaleScale vectors in eigenchains of multi-companion matrices
mc_chains_triangulateTriangulate a system of 0eigenvectors
mc_chain_subsetInternal utilities for mc eigenvectors
mc_eigenThe eigen decomposition of a multi-companion matrix
mcev_coreParameterise Jordan chains of multi-companion matrices
mc_factorizeFactorise multi-companion matrices
mc_factorsFactors of multi-companion matrices
mc_from_factorsMulti-companion matrix from factors
mCfullBasic utilities for multi-companion matrices
mc.non0chain.extendExtend multi-companion eigenvectors(non0)
mCompanionCreate objects from class MultiCompanion
mc_orderGive the multi-companion order of a square matrix
mcSpecGenerate objects of class mcSpec
mcSpec-classA class for spectral specifications of multi-companion...
mcStableCheck if an object is stable
mf_VSformExtract properties of multi-filters
MultiCompanion-classClass "MultiCompanion"
MultiFilter-classClass "MultiFilter"
nullComplementCompute the orthogonal complement of a subspace
optionalMatrix-classClass optionalMatrix
permute_varPermute rows and columns of matrices
rblockmultRight-multiply a matrix by a block
reduce_chains_simpleTransform a chain and drop excess, internal function
sim_chainsSimulate Jordan chains
sim_mcSimulate a multi-companion matrix
sim_mcseedsGenerate seed parameters of mc-matrices
sim_pcfilterGenerate periodic filters
SmallMultiCompanion-classA class for small multi-companion matrices
spec_root0Give the spectral parameters for zero eigenvalues of...
spec_root1Give the spectral parameters for eigenvalues of mc-matrices...
spec_seeds1Generate seed parameters for unit mc-eigenvectors
VAR2pcfilterPAR representations of VAR models
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