Man pages for mcp
Regression with Multiple Change Points

bernoulliBernoulli family for mcp
check_terms_in_dataChecks if all terms are in the data
criterionCompute information criteria for model comparison
cumpasteCumulative pasting of character columns
ex_arA change point in a time series
ex_binomialTwo change points between three binomial segments
ex_demoTwo change points between three linear segments
ex_fitExample fit of the ex_demo dataset
ex_plateausA change point between two plateaus
exponentialExponential family for mcp
ex_quadraticA change point from plateau to quadratic
ex_rel_priorTwo change points between three linear segments
ex_trigA change point between two trigonometric segments
ex_varianceTwo change points between three heteroskedastic segments
ex_varyingOne change point varying by participant
fitted.mcpfitExpected Values from the Posterior Predictive Distribution
format_codeFormat code with one or multiple terms
geom_cp_densityDensity geom for 'plot.mcpfit()'
geom_quantilesReturn a geom_line representing the quantiles
get_all_formulasCall 'get_formula_str' for multiple ytypes and paste strings
get_ar_codeGets code for ARMA terms, resulting in a "resid_"
get_arma_orderExtracts the order from ARMA parameter name(s)
get_densityCompute the density at a specific point.
get_eval_atGet a list of x-coordinates to evaluate fit$simulate at
get_formula_strBuild an R formula (as string) given a segment table (ST)
get_jagscodeMake JAGS code for Multiple Change Point model
get_jags_dataAdds helper variables for use in 'run_jags'
get_ppc_plotpp_check for loo statistics
get_priorGet priors for all parameters in a segment table.
get_prior_strGet JAGS code for a prior
get_quantilesExpand samples with quantiles
get_segment_tableBuild a table describing a list of segments
get_simulateTurn formula_str into a proper R function
get_summaryInternal function for summary.mcpfit, fixef.mcpfit, and...
get_term_contentGet formula inside a wrapper
hypothesisTest hypotheses on mcp objects.
ilogitInverse logit function
iprobitInverse probit function
is.mcpfitChecks if argument is an 'mcpfit' object
logitLogit function
mcmclist_samplesInternal function to get samples.
mcpFit Multiple Linear Segments And Their Change Points
mcp_familyAdd A family object to store link functions between R and...
mcpfit-classClass 'mcpfit' of models fitted with the 'mcp' package
mcp-packageRegression with Multiple Change Points
plot.mcpfitPlot full fits
plot_parsPlot individual parameters
pp_checkPosterior Predictive Checks For Mcpfit Objects
pp_evalFits and predictions from samples and newdata
predict.mcpfitSamples from the Posterior Predictive Distribution
print.mcppriorPrint mcpprior
probitProbit function
recover_levelsRecover the levels of varying effects in mcmc.list
remove_termsRemove varying or population terms from a formula
residuals.mcpfitCompute Residuals From Mcpfit Objects
run_jagsRun parallel MCMC sampling using JAGS.
sd_to_precTransform a prior from SD to precision.
summary.mcpfitSummarise mcpfit objects
tidy_samplesGet tidy samples with or without varying effects
tidy_to_matrixConvert from tidy to matrix
to_formulaTakes any formula-like input and returns a formula
unpack_armaUnpack arma order and formula
unpack_cpTakes a cp formula (as a string) and returns its properties
unpack_intGet the intercept of a formula
unpack_rhsUnpack right-hand side
unpack_slopeUnpack the slope of a formula
unpack_slope_termUnpacks a single term
unpack_tildesTakes a formula and returns a string representation of y, cp,...
unpack_varyingGet relevant info about varying parameters
unpack_varying_termUnpack varying effects
unpack_yUnpacks y variable name
with_looAdd loo if not already present
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