aphidlight: Aphid attraction at different light intensities

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The light intensity (mumol/m^2s) of green LED light should be found, which attracts Aphis fabae best. At each of 4 replicates 20 aphids were put in a lightproof box with only one green LED at one end. All aphids that fly to the green light are caught and counted after a period of 5h. This procedure was replicated for 9 increasing light intensities.




A data frame with 36 observations on the following 3 variables.


a numeric vector denoting the concentration levels


a numeric vector with the number of aphids remaining in the box.


a numeric vector with the number of attracted aphids


Akyazi, G (2009): Zum Einfluss auf Lichtintensitaet und Lichtqualitaet (Hochleistungs-LEDs) auf das Verhalten von Aphis fabae. IPP MSc 19.

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