Man pages for mde
Missing Data Explorer

all_naChecks that all values are NA
column_based_recodeConditionally Recode NA values based on other Columns
custom_na_recodeRecode NA as another value using a function or a custom...
dict_recodeRecode Missing Values Dictionary-Style
drop_all_naDrop columns for which all values are NA
drop_na_atDrop missing values at columns that match a given pattern
drop_na_ifCondition based dropping of columns with missing values
drop_row_ifConditionally drop rows based on percent missingness
get_na_countsAdd columnwise/groupwise counts of missing values
get_na_meansGet mean missingness.
na_countsGet NA counts for a given character, numeric, factor, etc.
na_summaryAn all-in-one missingness report
percent_missingColumn-wise missingness percentages
percent_napercent missing but for vectors.
recode_as_naRecode a value as NA
recode_as_na_forRecode Values as NA if they meet defined criteria
recode_as_na_ifConditionally change all column values to NA
recode_as_na_strRecode as NA based on string match
recode_as_valueRecode a value as another value
recode_helperHelper functions in package mde
recode_na_asReplace missing values with another value
recode_na_ifRecode NA as another value with some conditions
recode_selectorsHelper functions in package mde
sort_by_missingnessSort Variables according to missingness
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