Man pages for mdsstat
Statistical Trending for Medical Devices Surveillance

bcpnnBayesian Confidence Propagation Neural Network
char_to_dfCharacter Vector to Header of Empty Data Frame Converts a...
convert_dateConvert to Acceptable Date
cp_meanMean-Shift Changepoint
cusumCumuluative Sum (CUSUM)
define_algosSet List of Algorithms to Run
E2x2Calculate expected for 2x2 table of observed Returns a vector...
ewmaExponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA)
fNAMin/Max With All NA's Allowed Min and Max functions that...
gpsEmpirical Bayes Gamma-Poisson Shrinker
input_param_checkerCheck Input Parameters
lrtLikelihood Ratio Rest
maudeBone Cement MAUDE Events in 2017
mds_tsSample List of 'mds_ts' Time Series
next_devReturn next level up device Returns the variable name of the...
next_evReturn next level up event Returns the variable name of the...
poisson_rarePoisson for Rare Events
prrProportional Reporting Ratio
rorReporting Odds Ratio
run_algosRun Multiple Algorithms
salesSimulated Device Sales Data
shewhartShewhart x-bar Control Chart
sprtSequential Probability Ratio Test
test_as_rowCoerce mdsstat Test to 1-Row Data Frame
xbarx-bar Control Chart
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