Man pages for meboot
Maximum Entropy Bootstrap for Time Series

checkConvCheck Convergence
elapsedtimeInternal Function
expand.sdExpand the Standard Deviation of Resamples
flexMebootFlexible Extension of the Maximum Entropy Bootstrap Procedure
force.cltEnforce Central Limit Theorem
mebootGenerate Maximum Entropy Bootstrapped Time Series Ensemble
meboot.partmeboot Internal Function
meboot.pdata.frameMaximum Entropy Bootstrap for Panel Time Series Data
null.ciGet Confidence Interval Around Specified NullZero Total
olsHALL.bOLS regression model for consumption
ullwanData about Some of the S&P 500 Stock Prices
USconsumConsumption and Disposable Income Data (Annual 1948-1998)
USfygtLong-term Treasury Bond Rates and Deficit Data Set (Annual...
zero.ciGet Confidence Interval Around Zero
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