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This class encapsulates the information needed to resample the Monte Carlo chains for the Bayesian Hierarchical Model as described in Myers et al. (2011) using user defined values for k and eta.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("mederrResample",, samp, A,, t.old, grd), but most often as the result of a call to bhm.resample.


Object of class "array"; logarithm of the importance ratio for each pair of (k,η) values.


Object of class "array"; resampled MCMC simulation indexes.


Object of class "array"; transformation ratio for each pair of (k,η) values.

Object of class "array"; θ_i posterior modes using (k = ∞, η = 1).


Object of class "numeric"; θ_i posterior modes using user defined (k, η) values.


Object of class "list"; grid of required (k, η) values.



signature(x = "mederrResample", y = "missing"): : Provides a graphical representation of a mederrResample object.


Sergio Venturini [email protected],

Jessica A. Myers [email protected]


Myers, J. A., Venturini, S., Dominici, F. and Morlock, L. (2011), "Random Effects Models for Identifying the Most Harmful Medication Errors in a Large, Voluntary Reporting Database". Technical Report.

See Also

bayes.rank. bhm.constr.resamp, bhm.mcmc.

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