neImpute: Expand the dataset and impute nested counterfactual outcomes

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This function both expands the data along hypothetical exposure values and imputes nested counterfactual outcomes.


neImpute(object, ...)



an object used to select a method.


additional arguments.


Generic function that both expands the data along hypothetical exposure values (for each observation unit i) and imputes nested counterfactual outcomes in this expanded dataset in a single run. Imputed counterfactual outcomes

\hat E(Y_i \vert X_i = x, M_i, C_i)

are predictions from the imputation model that can be specified either externally as a fitted model object (neImpute.default) or internally (neImpute.formula).


A data frame of class c("data.frame", "expData", "impData"). See expData for its structure.


Vansteelandt, S., Bekaert, M., & Lange, T. (2012). Imputation Strategies for the Estimation of Natural Direct and Indirect Effects. Epidemiologic Methods, 1(1), Article 7.

Loeys, T., Moerkerke, B., De Smet, O., Buysse, A., Steen, J., & Vansteelandt, S. (2013). Flexible Mediation Analysis in the Presence of Nonlinear Relations: Beyond the Mediation Formula. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 48(6), 871-894.

See Also

neImpute.default, neImpute.formula, neModel, expData

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