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Function runmemapp is used start the memapp Shiny Web Application.
memapp is a web application created to serve as a graphical user interface for the R mem library. It was created using Shiny, a web application framework for R. This application uses the development version of the mem R library.


runmemapp(launch.browser = TRUE, ...)



whether if you want to launch the app in an external browser.


other parameters passed to shiny::runApp.


Input data is a data frame containing rates that represent historical influenza surveillance data. It can start and end at any given week (tipically at week 40th), and rates can be expressed as per 100,000 inhabitants (or per consultations, if population is not available) or any other scale.
Parameters sent to the mem R library are set in the application itself.


Jose E. Lozano


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Lozano, Jose E. lozalojo/mem: Second release of the MEM R library. Zenodo [Internet]. [cited 2017 Feb 1]; Available from:


if (interactive()) runmemapp(launch.browser = TRUE)

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