Man pages for metR
Tools for Easier Analysis of Meteorological Fields

as.pathInterpolates between locations
ConvertLongitudeConverts between longitude conventions
coriolisEffects of the Earth's rotation
cut.eofRemove some principal components.
denormalizeDenormalize eof matrices
DerivateDerivate a discrete variable using finite differences
DivideTimeseriesDivides long timeseries for better reading
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Function
FitLmFast estimates of linear regression
geom_contour22d contours of a 3d surface
geom_contour_fillFilled 2d contours of a 3d surface
geom_contour_tanakaIlluminated contours
geom_reliefRelief Shading
geom_text_contourLabel contours
geopotentialGeopotential height
GeostrophicWindCalculate geostrophic winds
GetSMNDataGet Meteorological data
GetTopographyGet topographic data
guide_colourstripDiscretized continuous color guide
guide_vectorReference arrow for magnitude scales
Impute2DImpute missing values by linear or constant interpolation
ImputeEOFImpute missing values
InterpolateBilinear interpolation
is.crossCross pattern
JumpBySkip observations
logicExtended logical operators
MagMagnitude of a vector
MakeBreaksFunctions for making breaks
map_labelsLabel longitude and latitude
metRmetR: Tools for Easier Analysis of Meteorological Fields
ReadNetCDFRead NetCDF files.
reverselog_transReverse log transform
scale_divergentDivergent color scales
scale_longitudeHelpful scales for maps
scale_magScale for vector magnitudes
seasonAssign seasons to months
sphericalTransform between spherical coordinates and physical...
stat_naFilter only NA values.
stat_subsetSubset values
temperatureAir temperature
TrajectoryCompute trajectories
WaveFluxCalculate wave-activity flux
wavesFourier transform
WrapCircularWrap periodic data to any range
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