Man pages for metacore
A Centralized Metadata Object Focus on Clinical Trial Data Programming Workflows

check_columnsCheck all data frames include the correct types of columns
checksOptional checks to consistency of metadata
check_structureColumn Validation Function
check_wordsCheck Words in Column
create_tblCreate table
define_to_metacoreDefine XML to DataDef Object
get_control_termGet Control Term
is_metacoreIs metacore object
load_metacoreload metacore object
metacoreR6 Class wrapper to create your own metacore object
metacore_exampleGet path to metacore example
MetaCore_filterSelect method to subset by a single dataframe
pipePipe operator
read_all_sheetsRead in all Sheets
save_metacoresave metacore object
select_datasetSelect metacore object to single dataset
spec_to_metacoreSpecification document to metacore object
spec_typeCheck the type of spec document
spec_type_to_codelistSpec to codelist
spec_type_to_derivationsSpec to derivation
spec_type_to_ds_specSpec to ds_spec
spec_type_to_ds_varsSpec to ds_vars
spec_type_to_value_specSpec to value_spec
spec_type_to_var_specSpec to var_spec
xml_to_codelistXML to code list
xml_to_derivationsXML to derivation table
xml_to_ds_specXML to Data Set Spec
xml_to_ds_varsXML to Data Set Var table
xml_to_value_specXML to value spec
xml_to_var_specXML to variable spec
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