metafolio: Metapopulation simulations for conserving salmon through portfolio optimization

The metafolio R package is a tool to simulate salmon metapopulations and apply financial portfolio optimization concepts. The package accompanies the paper 'Portfolio conservation of metapopulations under climate change'. See citation("metafolio").

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AuthorSean C. Anderson [aut, cre], Jonathan W. Moore [ctb], Michelle M. McClure [ctb], Nicholas K. Dulvy [ctb], Andrew B. Cooper [ctb]
Date of publication2014-07-10 08:45:42
MaintainerSean C. Anderson <>

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Man pages

add_dens_polygon: Add a kernel density polygon

annotate: Add annotations to panel

count_quasi_exts: Take 'meta_sim' output objects and count quasi extinctions

create_asset_weights: Create an asset weights matrix

custom_bw: Custom bandwidth

CVaR: Conditional Value at Risk

est_beta_params: Get beta parameters from mean and variance

fastlm: Super fast linear regression

fit_ricker: Fit Ricker linear regression

generate_env_ts: Create an environmental time series.

generate_straying_matrix: Generate a matrix of straying proportions within a...

get_conserv_plans_mv: Run simulation for conservation schemes

get_efficient_frontier: Get the efficient frontier from mean and variance values

get_port_vals: Get portfolio mean and variance values

get_quantile_contour: Get quantile contour

gg_color_hue: ggplot2-like colour scale in HCL space

impl_error: Add implementation error

is_element: Check if x is an element of y.

is_quasi_ext: Return whether there was an instance of quasi extinction

metafolio: metafolio: An R package to simulate metapopulations for...

meta_sim: Run a single metapopulation simulation.

metasim_base: Base-level metapopulation simulation function

monte_carlo_portfolios: Monte Carlo asset weights into portfolios

my.axis: Add a pretty axis

optim_thermal: Optimize to find optimal max productivity Ricker a

plot_cons_plans: Plot conservation plans in mean-variance space

plot_correlation_between_returns: Plot correlation of returns (i.e. metapopulation abundance)...

plot_efficient_portfolios: Basic plot of efficient portfolio and asset contributions

plot_panel_lines: Standard matrix plot of values by stream for one panel:

plot_rickers: Plot sample Ricker curves for each stock

plot_sim_ts: Plot various time series from a simulation run

plot_sp_A_ts: Plot sample time series from a portfolio simulation

ricker: A simple Ricker model

ricker_escapement: Assign a salmon escapement target based on a Ricker curve

ricker_v_t: Ricker stock-recruit function with specified error

run_cons_plans: Run conservation plans and return the portfolio mean and...

thermal_area: Return desired squared deviation between desired area and...

thermal_curve_a: Create thermal tolerance curves.

thermal_integration: Integrate thermal tolerance curves to get maximum Ricker a...

VaR: Value at Risk


add_dens_polygon Man page
annotate Man page
count_quasi_exts Man page
create_asset_weights Man page
custom_bw Man page
CVaR Man page
est_beta_params Man page
fastlm Man page
fit_ricker Man page
generate_env_ts Man page
generate_straying_matrix Man page
get_conserv_plans_mv Man page
get_efficient_frontier Man page
get_port_vals Man page
get_quantile_contour Man page
gg_color_hue Man page
impl_error Man page
is_element Man page
is_quasi_ext Man page
metafolio Man page
metafolio-package Man page
meta_sim Man page
metasim_base Man page
monte_carlo_portfolios Man page
my.axis Man page
optim_thermal Man page
plot_cons_plans Man page
plot_correlation_between_returns Man page
plot_efficient_portfolios Man page
plot_panel_lines Man page
plot_rickers Man page
plot_sim_ts Man page
plot_sp_A_ts Man page
ricker Man page
ricker_escapement Man page
ricker_v_t Man page
run_cons_plans Man page
thermal_area Man page
thermal_curve_a Man page
thermal_integration Man page
VaR Man page


inst/examples/plot_thermal_curves.R inst/examples/cons_plans_n_random_resp_div.R inst/examples/README.R inst/examples/cons_plans2.R inst/examples/plot_thermal_curves_scenarios.R inst/examples/figs2eps.R inst/examples/plot_sim_ts_simple.R inst/examples/plot_straying_matrix.R inst/examples/pdf_eps.R inst/examples/example_returns_3.R inst/examples/cons_squeeze.R
R/metafolio.R R/is_quasi_ext.R R/generate_straying_matrix.R R/plot_rickers.R R/ricker.R R/get_conserv_plans_mv.R R/meta_sim.R R/create_asset_weights.R R/plot_sp_A_ts.R R/monte_carlo_portfolios.R R/RcppExports.R R/gg_color_hue.R R/thermal_integration.R R/plot_efficient_portfolios.R R/run_cons_plans.R R/get_port_vals.R R/plot_sim_ts.R R/thermal_curve_a.R R/plot_correlation_between_returns.R R/count_quasi_exts.R R/plot_cons_plans.R R/generate_env_ts.R
man/is_element.Rd man/get_conserv_plans_mv.Rd man/create_asset_weights.Rd man/monte_carlo_portfolios.Rd man/annotate.Rd man/plot_panel_lines.Rd man/ricker_v_t.Rd man/thermal_area.Rd man/ricker.Rd man/plot_sp_A_ts.Rd man/impl_error.Rd man/count_quasi_exts.Rd man/get_efficient_frontier.Rd man/plot_sim_ts.Rd man/VaR.Rd man/thermal_integration.Rd man/plot_efficient_portfolios.Rd man/metasim_base.Rd man/est_beta_params.Rd man/generate_env_ts.Rd man/ricker_escapement.Rd man/fastlm.Rd man/my.axis.Rd man/get_quantile_contour.Rd man/fit_ricker.Rd man/CVaR.Rd man/run_cons_plans.Rd man/thermal_curve_a.Rd man/plot_cons_plans.Rd man/plot_correlation_between_returns.Rd man/meta_sim.Rd man/gg_color_hue.Rd man/plot_rickers.Rd man/optim_thermal.Rd man/generate_straying_matrix.Rd man/is_quasi_ext.Rd man/get_port_vals.Rd man/add_dens_polygon.Rd man/metafolio.Rd man/custom_bw.Rd

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