Man pages for metaplot
Data-Driven Plot Design

as_factorCoerce to Factor using Encoding if Present
axislabelGeneric Axis Label Label for Data Frame
boxplot_data_frameBoxplot Function for Data Frame Method for Data Frame
boxplot_panelPanel Function for Metaplot Boxplot
categoricalCategorical Plot
categorical_data_frameCategorical Function for Data Frame Method for Data Frame
categorical_panelPanel Function for Metaplot Categorical Plot
caxCalculate Categorical Axis Labels and Positions
corsplomCorrelated Splom
corsplom_data_frameCorrelated Scatterplot Matrix Function for Data Frame Scatterplot Matrix Method for Data Frame
corsplom_gg_correlationCorrelation GG Function for GG Metaplot Corsplom
corsplom_gg_diagonalDiagonal GG Function for Metaplot Corsplom
corsplom_gg_scatterScatter GG Function for Metaplot Corsplom
corsplom_panel_correlationCorrelation Panel Function for Metaplot Corsplom
corsplom_panel_diagonalDiagonal Panel Function for Metaplot Corsplom
corsplom_panel_scatterScatter Panel Function for Metaplot Corsplom
dens_panelPanel Function for Metaplot Density Plot
densplotDensity Plot
densplot_data_frameDensity Function for Data Frame Method for Data Frame
diag_labelFormat a Diagonal Label
diag_pinCalculate Pin Placement
iso_prepanelPrepanel Function for Isometric Axes
merge.listMerge Two Lists
metaplotMetaplot Metaplot for Data Frame.
metaplot_keyDefault Key
metaplot_refCalculate Reference Values
metastatsFormat GLM Statistics
metOptionGet Metaplot Option with Partial Matching
modelExecute Linear Model
multiplotArrange Multiple Trellis or GG Plots in a Grid
packPack Something Scalar Column Metadata as Column Attributes
panel.meta_densityplotPanel Function for Metaplot Density
panel_tileDraw a Tile
plot.metaplot_gtablePlot a Metaplot_gtable
print.metaplot_gtablePrint a Metaplot_gtable
regionCalculate a Confidence Region
scatter_data_frameScatterplot Function for Data Frame Method for Data Frame
scatter_panelPanel Function for Metaplot Scatterplot
scatter_panel_refCalculate Panel Reference Values
setOptionSet or Reset Metaplot Options
test_metaplotTest Metaplot Variants
tilesCalculate Tile Limits
tilestatsFormat Tile Statistics
unpackUnpack Something Scalar Column Attributes as Column Metadata
wikisym2plotmathConvert Wiki Symbol to Plotmath
wikisym2plotmath_Convert One Wiki Symbol to Plotmath
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