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Create Interactive Charts with the JavaScript 'MetricsGraphics' Library

metricsgraphicsAn 'htmlwidget' interface to the MetricsGraphics.js D3 chart...
metricsgraphics-exportsmetricsgraphics exported operators
metricsgraphicsOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
mjs_add_baselineSets a baseline line/label
mjs_add_confidence_bandAdd a confidence band to line plot
mjs_add_css_ruleAdd a CSS rule to the rendered htmlwidget
mjs_add_legendAdds a legend to a metricsgraphics chart
mjs_add_lineAdd a new line to a metricsgraphics.js linechart "geom"
mjs_add_markerSets a marker line/label
mjs_add_mouseoverAdds a custom rollover to a metricsgraphics chart
mjs_annotate_regionRegion annotations for line charts [EXPERIMENTAL]
mjs_axis_xConfigure x axis ticks & limits
mjs_axis_yConfigure y axis ticks & limits
mjs_barmetricsgraphics.js bar chart "geom"
mjs_gridLays out metricsgraphics widgets into a "grid", similar to...
mjs_histShortcut for plotting MetricsGraphics histograms
mjs_histogramPlot Histograms with MetrisGraphics
mjs_labsConfigure axis labels & plot description
mjs_linemetricsgraphics.js linechart "geom"
mjs_plotCreate a new metricsgraphics.js plot
mjs_pointmetricsgraphics.js scatterplot "geom"
renderMetricsgraphicsWidget render function for use in Shiny
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