Man pages for metro
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority API

bus_departsBus Schedule at Stop
bus_incidentsBus Incidents
bus_pathBus Path Details
bus_positionBus Position
bus_routesBus Routes
bus_scheduleBus Schedule
bus_stopsBus Stop Search
elevator_incidentsElevator/Escalator Outages
metrometro: A package for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit...
metro_linesAll WMATA Rail Lines
metro_routesAll WMATA Bus Routes
metro_stationsAll WMATA Rail Stations
metro_stopsAll WMATA Bus Stops
next_busNext Buses
next_trainNext Trains
rail_destinationRail Station to Station Information
rail_entranceRail Station Entrances
rail_incidentsRail Incidents
rail_linesRail Lines
rail_pathPath Between Stations
rail_positionsLive Train Positions
rail_stationsRail Station List
rail_timesRail Station Timings
standard_routesStandard Routes
station_infoRail Station Information
track_circuitsTrack Circuits
wmata_apiCall the WMATA API
wmata_keyFind a WMATA API key
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