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Multiscale Graph Correlation

ConnCompLabelConnected Components Labelling - Unique Patch Labelling
discr.mnrDiscriminability Mean Normalized Rank
discr.rdfReliability Density Function
discr.sims.crossDiscriminability Cross Simulation
discr.sims.expDiscriminability Exponential Simulation
discr.sims.fat_tailsDiscriminability Spread Simulation
discr.sims.linearDiscriminability Linear Simulation
discr.sims.radialDiscriminability Radial Simulation
discr.statDiscriminability Statistic
discr.test.one_sampleDiscriminability One Sample Permutation Test
discr.test.two_sampleDiscriminability Two Sample Permutation Test
discr.validatorDiscriminability Utility Validator
DistCenteringAn auxiliary function that properly transforms the distance...
DistRanksAn auxiliary function that sorts the entries within each...
gen.coefsA helper function to generate a d-dimensional linear...
gen.sample.labelsA helper function for simulating sample labels
gen.x.unifA helper function to generate n samples of a d-dimensional...
LocalCovAn auxiliary function that computes all local correlations...
mgc.dist.validatorDistance Matrix Validator
mgc.dist.xfmMGC Distance Transform
mgc.ksampleMGC K Sample Testing
mgc.localcorrMGC Local Correlations
mgc.localcorr.driverDriver for MGC Local Correlations
mgc.sims.2ballSample from Unit 2-Ball
mgc.sims.2sphereSample from Unit 2-Sphere
mgc.sims.cubicCubic Simulation
mgc.sims.expExponential Simulation
mgc.sims.jointJoint Normal Simulation
mgc.sims.linearLinear Simulation
mgc.sims.quadQuadratic Simulation
mgc.sims.random_rotateRandom Rotation
mgc.sims.rotationSample Random Rotation
mgc.sims.sim_gmmGMM Simulate
mgc.sims.spiralSpiral Simulation
mgc.sims.stepStep Function Simulation
mgc.sims.ubernUncorrelated Bernoulli Simulation
mgc.sims.wshapeW Shaped Simulation
mgc.statMGC Test
mgc.stat.driverMGC Sample Statistic Internal Driver
mgc.testMGC Permutation Test
mgc.validatorMGC Utility Validator
remove.isolatesRemove Isolates
SmoothingAn auxiliary function that finds the smoothed maximal within...
ThresholdingAn auxiliary function that finds a region of significance in...
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