Man pages for mgraph
Graphing map attributes and non-map variables in R

barmapBar graph of map and non-map data
barmap-internalInternal barmap function
boxmapBox plot of map and non-map data
boxmap-internalInternal boxmap function
dotmapDotchart analysis of a map and non map data
dotmap-internalInternal dotmap function
histmapHistogram analysis of map and non map data
histmap-internalInternal histmap function
linemapLine chart of map and non map data
linemap-internalInternal linemap function
mapPlotting a map data
map-internalInternal map function
piemapPie chart of spatial and non spatial data
piemap-internalInternal piemap function
scattermapScatter plot of map and no-map data
scattermap-internalInternal scattermap function
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