Man pages for mhsmm
Inference for Hidden Markov and Semi-Markov Models

addStatesAdds a bar representing state sequence.
dmvnorm.hsmmEmission ensity function for a multivariate normal emission...
dnorm.hsmmEmission density function for normal emission distribution
dpois.hsmmEmission density function for Poisson emission distribution
gammafitParameter estimation for the Gamma distribution
hmmfitfit a hidden Markov model
hmmspecSpecificatin of HMMs
hsmmfitfit a hidden semi-Markov model
hsmmspecHidden semi-Markov model specification
mstep.mvnormPerforms re-estimation (the M-step) for a multivariate normal...
mstep.normPerforms re-estimation (the M-step) for a normal emission...
mstep.poisPerforms re-estimation (the M-step) for a Poisson emission...
plot.hsmmPlot function for hsmms
plot.hsmm.dataPlot function for hsmm data
predict.hmmPrediction function for hmm
predict.hmmspecPrediction function for hmmspec
predict.hsmmPrediction for hsmms
predict.hsmmspecPrediction for hsmmspec
print.hmmPrint method for hmm objects
print.hmmspecPrint function for hmmspec
print.hsmmspecPrint function for hsmmspec
reproaiArtificial insemination times for seven cows
reprocowsReproductive data from seven dairy cows
reproppaObserved lengths of post-partum anoestrus for 73 dairy cows
rmvnorm.hsmmRandom number generation from a multivariate normal...
rnorm.hsmmRandom number generation from a normally distributed emission...
rpois.hsmmRandom number generation from a Poisson distributed emission...
sim.mcMarkov chain simulation
simulate.hmmspecSimulation of hidden Markov models
simulate.hsmmspecSimulation for HSMMs
smooth.discreteSmoothing a discrete time series.
summary.hmmSummary method for hmm objects
summary.hsmmSummary function for hsmm
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