Man pages for mht
Multiple Hypothesis Testing for Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Linear Models

bolassoBolasso: Bootstrapped Lasso
data.scaleScale a matrix
decompbaseorthoGram-Schmidt algorithm
decoupdyadDyadic algorithm to order variables
mhtMultiple testing procedure for non-ordered variable selection
mht.orderMultiple testing procedure for ordered variable selection
mht-packageMultiple hypothesis testing for variable selection
order.variablesRank the variables
plotgraphical output for a 'mht' or 'mht.order' object
plot.bolassographical output for a 'bolasso' object
predictPredict a 'mht' or 'mht.order' object
quantilemhtCalculation of the quantiles for the mht procedure
refit.mhtRefit a 'mht' object
refit.mht.orderRefit a 'mht.order' object
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